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Coverfill Fibre system

cushion, pillow & upholstery filling machine

Our Coverfill systems are designed to convert fibre by opening and blowing into a pre-made case or cover (see videos below).

The unit is suitable for the filling of cushions, pillows and upholstery. The equipment is free-standing and simple to operate.

The fibre is hand-fed from the bale, hopper or bin onto a driven feed conveyor, then worked gently and opened prior to being blown into a pre-made case.

The filling rate is controlled by a foot pedal by the operator, to ensure even fibre distribution within the case.

Coverfill Systems are delivered fully assembled and pre-wired requiring only a 3 phase mains connection, clear site and even floor.

No bolting down is required.

Discover More About Our Coverfill System

For the past 20 years, Coverfill equipment has performed successfully worldwide, offering reliability, high performance and minimum after sales and maintenance costs.

The full system comes complete with machine, hopper and table-workstation with integrated digital weigh scales to keep every cushion the same weight. The workstation has intermediate shelving for cover stock.

Filled cover weights can vary from 200 grams up to 5 kilos.

Feather/Foam Crumb Case Filler equipment is for down, down/feather mix, curled feather or poultry, and Foam Crumb and short staple length fibre.

The system is versatile, and designed for the smaller converter with outputs dependent upon product mix of up to 5500 – 6000 kilos per single shift working week.

The production balance is achieved by one operator feeding an aireated chamber working in tandem with a colleague at the filling nozzle.

The cases to be filled, either regular or channelled are pre-sewn to leave an access point of 100mm nominal to receive the delivery nozzle. The access should allow free cloth gathering around the nozzle for operator convenience but without allowing air to escape and overspill.

The operation is completed by check weighing, case closure, brushing and packing.

Coverfill is user and environmentally friendly with recirculation and sweeper points to collect overspill.

Feather can be drawn from a bin/container or directly from a sack.

The equipment is delivered fully assembled or if necessary, can come in 3 sections for ease of access.

The services required are 3 phase electric (6.7 kw) and air at 3 bar-45psi for the diverter switch.

Floor Space: 5400 x 1120 x 2950mm (L x W x H)
Floor Loading : 575 Kilos

The operation is compact, easily operated and maintained but above all, highly cost effective.

MKN Engineering will be pleased to advise on any possible feather filling applications, and we are delighted to offer servicing of our machines, to make sure our after care is second to none. 

Mk4 Coverfill cushion upholstery filling machine with hopper

MK 4 Machine With Table & Hopper

Technical details

MW medium width coverfill cushion and pillow filling machine

MW-Medium Width Machine

Technical details

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