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Checkroll & Checkmaster systems

fabric inspection & measurement Machines

Our Checkroll and Checkmaster systems provide you with a cost-effective range of special-purpose machinery for fabric inspection and measuring.

Checkroll systems offer precise monitoring of measured length, inspection and cut service, while our Checkmaster equipment provides in-depth and high-volume inspection and quality assessment.

We offer compact, short-bed and standard machines, up to 3.3mtrs, suitable for roll diameters up to 500mm.

Checkroll equipment cannot replace high-volume dedicated inspection machines but offers a cost-effective, versatile and multi-purpose quality monitoring system.

Checkmaster provides a versatile approach to in-depth inspection.

Checkroll Systems are multi-discipline, select your optional features and we will engineer your solution to meet your requirements.


Checkroll System

Checkmaster Illuminated

checkmaster illuminated fabric inspection measurement machine system

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